Weekend/Holiday Changeovers – SLWS performs maintenance and changeovers with a minimum of downtime.  We know that “time is money” and do our work for you accordingly.

Processing Equipment – We are expert at designing, fabricating, and/or modifying new or existing equipment resulting in higher performance.  SLWS offers stainless steel conveyors, tanks, and food handling equipment for the poultry processing industry, apple processing facilities, and manufacturing plants.  Our expertise also includes aluminum mezzanines, stairs, and railings for the food industry.

General Industry – SLWS provides fabrication, installation, and maintenance solutions for mills, plants, distribution centers, warehouses, production facility or virtually any other type of general industry.  

Equipment Modifications, Repairs, and Refurbishment – Cost effective repairs and effective maintenance is a specialty of SLWS.  We maintain that any motorized equipment – backhoes, graters, dump trucks, trailers, etc. - can be repaired and we do it well.

Material Handling Equipment – SLWS has the ability to fabricate, erect, and/or install a multitude of products including bin clusters, elevator legs, elevator heads, and augers.

Custom Tank Fabrication and Configuration – We can design, manufacture, and install custom tanks to your specifications.  Replacement of existing tanks to maximize usable life span is also an area of expertise.

Sudenga Feed and Grain Distributor – SLWS is an authorized dealer for Sudenga products.

Estimating – We offer free, competitive estimates to all prospective customers.  (Link to RFQ)

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